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The Executive Report is your single source of truth for the state of your online presence. it gives you a rollup of everything that’s happening across all your digital marketing channels in the last week or month. this report is the foundation of the transparency and accountability we promise to you.

See a sample report here.

SPARQxp executive report

your Executive Report includes:

  • Key performance indicators from across the marketing stack, including Reviews, Listings, Social, Website, SEO and Advertising.
  • Short-term changes and long-term trends. Compare metrics week-over-week or month-over-month, and use long-term trends to contextualize changes over time, e.g you may have received fewer website visit from Google Maps this week, but since you’ve started working with us 6 months ago, your website traffic has more then tripled.
  • An automated email with relevant highlights delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every week, month, or both. No sign-in is required to view the report, and it’s mobile-responsive, so you can view the report from any device.
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