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Identity Resolution

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Site Visitor Match

Site Visitor match

Learn how Identity Resolution and Site Visitor Match can increase your ROI 10x and reduce your CPC 25-75%

What is Identity Resolution?

Learn how Identity Resolution and Site Visitor Match can increase your ROI 10x and redu

Reaching your ideal customer today is challenging. Most people, prospects, use multiple devices and multiple email addresses throughout the course of their day. If they visit your website from their mobile device, then look up the weather on their laptop, then read a blog or check social media on their tablet how can you effectively and deterministically reach them with your message?

Identity resolution combines multiple datapoints across many devices and maps them together to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of your customer. This gives you the ability to reach them at the right time, right place, with the right message.

With identity resolution we can enable people-based targeting in real-time and build profiles of like-minded consumers that have the same behaviors of your ideal customer.

So we are literally marketing to the person, not relying on cookies that expire or third party data that you don’t own.

With our technology, you are in full control of your marketing message, target audience, budget, and ROI

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ce your CPC 25-75%

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